Montenegro, a small Balkan country situated on the Adriatic coast, offers a perfect blend of stunning natural beauty and cultural richness. With its rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and charming old towns, Montenegro is a dream destination for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. One of the most popular destinations in Montenegro is the picturesque town of Kotor, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and breathtaking scenery. Set against a backdrop of towering mountains and the sparkling blue waters of the Bay of Kotor, the town boasts narrow winding streets, quaint squares, and a stunning fortified old town that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. A holiday in Montenegro promises to be an unforgettable experience, filled with a mix of adventure, relaxation, and exploration.


What you’ll love most about Montenegro

  • Visit the stunning Bay of Kotor, which is surrounded by towering mountains and boasts clear blue waters
  • Explore the charming old town of Kotor, which features narrow streets, beautiful squares, and impressive medieval architecture
  • Hike in the Durmitor National Park, home to the country’s highest peak and spectacular natural scenery
  • Relax on one of the country’s many stunning beaches, such as the famous Jaz Beach or the secluded and picturesque Queen’s Beach
  • Visit the ancient city of Budva, which has a rich history and a vibrant nightlife scene
  • Take a boat tour of the Skadar Lake National Park, which is home to over 280 species of birds and a diverse array of flora and fauna
  • Explore the Montenegrin coast by car or bike, stopping at charming seaside towns and enjoying the stunning coastal views
  • Try the delicious local cuisine, which features fresh seafood, grilled meats, and flavourful Balkan dishes

Please note that the estimated temperature, rainfall and recommended months of when to go are based on Kotor’s weather patterns

Where to Book

  • Trnovačko Lake - NTO Montenegro/Nebojsa Atanackovic

  • Aerial view of Kotor - NTO Montenegro

  • Yachts sailing in Bar - NTO Montenegro

  • River Crnojevica, Skadar Lake National Park - NTO Montenegro

  • Aerial view of St Stefan, Budva - NTO Montenegro

  • Hrid Lake, Prokletije National Park - NTO Montenegro/Nebojsa Atanackovic

  • Perast Old Town, Kotor - NTO Montenegro

  • Local produce presentation - NTO Montenegro

  • Rafting on River Tara - NTO Montenegro

  • Bridge over the River Tara, Durmitor - NTO Montenegro

  • St Stefan view, Budva - NTO Montenegro

  • NCL cruise ship sailing in Kotor - NTO Montenegro

Average temperature

Information below is based on average highest temperature for each month.

  • 12℃
  • 13℃
  • 16℃
  • 19℃
  • 24℃
  • 28℃
  • 31℃
  • 31℃
  • 26℃
  • 22℃
  • 17℃
  • 13℃
  • 13
  • 12
  • 12
  • 14
  • 12
  • 10
  • 7
  • 6
  • 10
  • 11
  • 14
  • 13

Information above is based on the average number of days which experience some form of rainfall for each month.


When to Visit

Below gives you information and a rating of the best time of year to visit.













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