The Bahamas

Located off the south coast of Florida, the Bahamas is an archipelago of several thousand tropical islands which are perfect for a dream holiday to the Caribbean. With long stretches of unspoiled pink-sanded beaches to be found all over the country, the Bahamas is the perfect place to island hop and discover some hidden charms underneath the glittering sunshine. Active visitors can enjoy a host of watersports in the turquoise waters, including kayaking, snorkelling and kiteboarding, whilst the island is also renowned for its dolphin watching and fishing excursions. However, if you want a more relaxed Caribbean holiday, the Bahamas is also the perfect place to put your feet up and relax in blissful tranquility whilst enjoying a rum cocktail or two.

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  • Family enjoying beach time - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Watching the pigs swim in the Exumas - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Couple enjoying a beach rope swing - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Snorkelling - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Hopping around sandy island outcrops by boat - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Down time at Compass Cay - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Exploring by moped - Bahamas Tourism Centre

  • Sailing in turquoise waters - Bahamas Tourism Centre

Average temperature

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  • 25℃
  • 25℃
  • 26℃
  • 27℃
  • 29℃
  • 31℃
  • 32℃
  • 32℃
  • 31℃
  • 30℃
  • 28℃
  • 26℃
  • 10
  • 8
  • 9
  • 9
  • 12
  • 17
  • 17
  • 19
  • 19
  • 15
  • 11
  • 9

Information above is based on the average number of days which experience some form of rainfall for each month.


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