The largest and most spacious of all the US states, the state of Alaska hosts a variety of outdoor pursuits within its vast wilderness. In Wood-Tikchik, Tongass and Wrangell-St Elias, Alaska has the largest state park, national forest and national park in the whole of the USA. The long summers are the perfect time explore these areas and beyond, with glacier trekking, mountain climbing and canoeing all popular pastimes for locals and visitors alike. And whether you’re marvelling at the impressive throng of bald eagles who head to Chilkat river in late fall or admiring salmon-catching bears in the summer, there are also plenty of unique opportunities for those looking to get closer to Alaska’s non-human inhabitants. So if it’s space and tranquility you’re after, as well as the chance to broaden your horizons and embrace a different way of life, Alaska is the perfect destination for your USA holiday.

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  • Two sea otters in Kodiak, Alaska

  • Johns Hopkins Glacier in the Mount Fairweather Range, Alaska

  • Alaskan grizzly bear

  • Seward Exit Glacier in Alaska

  • Eldred Rock Lighthouse in Lynn Canal, Haines, Alaska

  • Walking in Wrangell St Elias National State Park, Alaska

  • Creek Street in Ketchikan. Alaska

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