Yellowstone National Park

Largely situated in the rural state of Wyoming, Yellowstone was the USA’s first national park and offers a diverse variety of flora and fauna to enjoy. With packs of wolves, herds of bison and grizzly bears, Yellowstone has some of the country’s most diverse range of wild animals. Meanwhile, abundant gurgling geysers and bubbling mud-holes offer a glimpse at the area’s unique geology. Furthermore, the serene winding rivers and dazzling waterfalls are complemented by Yellowstone Lake, one of the highest such features in the whole of North America.

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  • Water reflecting snow-capped mountains in Yellowstone

  • Herd of bison at Firehole River, Yellowstone

  • Jumping fox in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone

  • Viewing the grand prismatic spring in Yellowstone

  • Black mother bear and cubs in Yellowstone National Park

  • Grand prismatic geyser in Yellowstone

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