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Where’s Hot in December?


If you’re planning a holiday and needing to know where’s hot in December, then we can certainly help you. We’ve created a bespoke search engine – that we like to call our holiday finder, at the top of this page for you to enter your exact needs for your perfect holiday. We’ll suggest the perfect destinations from over 400 locations and detail where you can book your trip.

Pop in as many details as you want to in the above search form and we’ll start by listing the destinations that match your needs. Alternatively, we’ve given a few examples below of the places to stay that are hot during the month of December,.

Where’s hot in December


Av. High Temp


Oman 27º 9 hours
Kenya 32º 9 hours
La Palma 22º 7 hours
Dominican Republic 29º 8 hours
Langkawi 31º 7 hours
Bermuda 22º 7 hours
Hua Hin 29º 9 hours
Belize 28º 6 hours
Puerto Rico 22º 7 hours
La Gomera 22º 5 hours


  • Temperature: 27º
  • Sunshine: 9 hours
  • Rainy days: 1
  • Flight Time: 7 hours 30 mins

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Dhow cruise, Oman


  • Temperature: 32º
  • Sunshine: 9 hours
  • Rainy days: 5
  • Flight Time: 8 hours 35 mins

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Lion and cub of the Maasai Mara in Kenya

La Palma

  • Temperature: 22º
  • Sunshine: 7 hours
  • Rainy days: 8
  • Flight Time: 4 hours 20 mins

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La Cumbrecita viewpoint in Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma

Dominican Republic

  • Temperature: 29º
  • Sunshine: 8 hours
  • Rainy days: 7
  • Flight Time: 9 hours

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Punta Cana palm-fringed beach, Dominican Republic


  • Temperature: 31º
  • Sunshine: 7 hours
  • Rainy days: 21
  • Flight Time: 14 hours

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Pedestrian viewing bridge in Langkawi


  • Temperature: 22º
  • Sunshine: 7 hours
  • Rainy days: 18
  • Flight Time: 7 hours 20 mins

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Aerial view of Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Hua Hin

  • Temperature: 29º
  • Sunshine: 9 hours
  • Rainy days: 1
  • Flight Time: 12 hours 30 mins

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Phraya Nakhon Cave, Khao Sam Roi, Hua Hin


  • Temperature: 28º
  • Sunshine: 6 hours
  • Rainy days: 11
  • Flight Time: 11 hours

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Belize Cay Beach

Puerto Rico

  • Temperature: 22º
  • Sunshine: 7 hours
  • Rainy days: 3
  • Flight Time: 8 hours 20 mins

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Colourful streets of San Juan in Puerto Rico

La Gomera

  • Temperature: 22º
  • Sunshine: 5 hours
  • Rainy days: 13
  • Flight Time: 4 hours 30 mins

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San Sebastian, Gomera

Can’t Find Somewhere Hot in December?


If you can’t find your perfect destination for December we have it covered. Changing your travel months can certainly open up the selection of destinations offering warm weather. Use the links below to view the hottest destinations for all other travel months. Alternatively, you could use our awesome destination finder found at the top of the page. 

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