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Kentucky Derby, Louisville - Kentucky Tourism
East Pinnacle Lookout in Kentucky
New Riff Distillers - Kentucky Tourism

What Kentucky Is Best Known For

Kentucky is renowned for its bourbon whiskey production, horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby, and its warm southern hospitality. Discover everything Kentucky has to offer via the Kentucky Tourism tourist board website.

Natural Arch at dusk, Daniel Boone National Forest Kentucky


Kentucky’s diverse outdoors offer a playground for adventurers of all kinds. From the soaring cliffs of the Red River Gorge to the tranquil waters of its lakes, there’s something for everyone. Hikers can explore lush forests, while water enthusiasts can paddle along scenic rivers or fish in pristine lakes. Cultural sites like Mammoth Cave National Park provide insight into the state’s rich history. Whether seeking thrills or tranquility, Kentucky’s outdoors beckon with boundless opportunities for adventure and discovery, inviting visitors to connect with nature and create unforgettable experiences.

NAC Helicopter tour over Cape Point


Kentucky’s bourbon industry stands as a cornerstone of the state’s cultural heritage and craftsmanship, revered globally for its unparalleled quality. Enthusiasts embarking on the renowned Bourbon Trail® journey are not only treated to an exploration of the distilleries but also to a deeper understanding of the intricate artistry and time-honoured traditions behind each bottle. As visitors traverse through the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, they uncover the rich history and meticulous craftsmanship that define Kentucky bourbon. From the charred oak barrels to the amber-hued elixir within, every step of the process reflects the passion and dedication ingrained in Kentucky’s bourbon legacy.

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Equestrian Heritage

Equestrian enthusiasts can explore Kentucky’s rich equestrian heritage through a variety of experiences. Guided tours offer visitors the opportunity to delve into the state’s renowned Thoroughbred horse culture, where they can immerse themselves in the history and breeding traditions of these majestic animals. Alternatively, they can opt for leisurely rides through Kentucky’s picturesque countryside, soaking in the beauty of the landscape while appreciating the state’s deep-rooted equestrian traditions.

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Kentucky’s vibrant music scene encompasses a diverse range of genres deeply rooted in its cultural heritage. From traditional folk tunes to modern-day hits, the state’s musical legacy is celebrated through various festivals and events. Whether it’s the soulful melodies of Appalachian ballads, the lively rhythms of country and bluegrass, or the electrifying sounds of rock and roll, Kentucky offers a rich tapestry of musical experiences for enthusiasts to explore. Festivals such as the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the Kentucky Folk Festival showcase the state’s musical diversity, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its melodious traditions.

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Essential Information – Know Before You Go!


Lake Cumberland wakeboarding - Kentucky Tourism

The state experiences all four distinct seasons, with warm summers and moderately colder winters. Summer temperatures average around 30°C. When it comes to great outdoors weather, Kentucky is most popular in spring and fall. In the spring, Kentucky awakens with colour and foliage. The state’s legendary bluegrass fields glow brightly, and spring foals can be seen making their first runs in Kentucky’s Horse Country. Fall brings about even more colour and crisp, cool air. The first shades of yellow, red and orange foliage can be spotted as early as mid- to late September in some areas, with a statewide peak typically around mid-October.


Ziplining in Campton's Cliffview Resort - Kentucky Resort

The average direct flight time from London to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport (CVG) is 8 hours and 30 minutes. Indirect flight times take approximately 13 hours.

Fly direct from London Heathrow to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport 5 days a week (this service started 5th June 2023).

Indirect flights to Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington are available on Delta/Virgin, United, BA and AA via Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Dallas and Atlanta.

Other Essential Information

Black Mountain offroad adventure - Kentucky Tourism

Visa Requirements
Most citizens of 36 eligible countries, including the United Kingdom, travelling on national passports with at least 90 days validity from the date of entry into the US, for business or tourism for 90 days or less, are eligible to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program provided they meet certain conditions. A passport indicating that the bearer is a British Subject, British Dependent Territories Overseas Citizen, British National (Overseas) Citizen or a British Protected Person does not qualify for visa free travel. Bearers of such passports are not eligible to travel under the Visa Waiver Program and must obtain a visa before they travel to the US. A British passport must quote the holder’s nationality as British Citizen and nothing else in order to qualify for visa free travel.

International travellers who are seeking to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are subject to enhanced security requirements and are required to register in the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). ESTA applies only to those VWP travellers entering the United States by air or sea. Travellers entering by land either from Canada or Mexico are not required to register before travelling. If your ESTA registration is successful, it will be valid for multiple US entries for two years or until the date on which your passport expires, whichever comes first.

All travellers wishing to enter the US under the VWP now need to hold a passport with an integrated chip (an ePassport).

You won’t qualify for entry to the USA under the VWP and will need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate, if:

  • You have a British passport that describes your nationality as something other than ‘British Citizen’
  • You’ve been arrested for certain crimes, even if it didn’t result in a criminal conviction
  • You’re a dual national of Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria
  • You’ve travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia or Yemen since March 2011

Certain exemptions apply on a case-by-case basis to those who have travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia or Yemen since March 2011. For more information about these exemptions, see the website of the US Embassy.

If you’re in any doubt about whether you qualify for the VWP, or if you’re concerned that an existing ESTA may have been cancelled, you should contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

Enhancements to the Visa Waiver Program
Due to changes made in November 2014, those seeking to travel to the United States from countries under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are now required to provide additional data fields of information in the travel application submitted via the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). The new information sought includes additional passport data, contact information and other potential names or aliases. They are taking this step to enhance the security of the Visa Waiver Program and to learn more about travellers from countries who do not require a visa.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Kentucky cuisine - Kentucky Tourism
What accommodation options can be found in Kentucky?

There’s a wide range of accommodation in Kentucky, in every price range. All the major hotel chains are represented and there are dozens of smaller hotels and motels throughout the state. Bed and Breakfast is becoming a popular option, but this does not necessarily imply low cost as B&B is often found in an historic home or a distillery, usually of extremely high standard, and priced accordingly. Hotel accommodation varies from simple roadside motels to city-centre first class and deluxe properties, some with two-room suites or kitchenette facilities.

What's it like to drive in Kentucky?

Kentucky has an extensive system of roads and highways which are all well numbered and clearly marked with directional signs. Strictly enforced speed limits are signposted and vary from 15mph in school zones to 35mph in built up areas, and 55mph or 70mph on open roads. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a major offence. A full valid UK or EU licence is all that is required to drive in the US. An international Driving Permit on its own is not acceptable. 

Which time zone applies to Kentucky?

Kentucky is divided by two time zones:

  • Eastern and Central Kentucky is within the Eastern Time Zone (GMT minus 5 hours)
  • Western Kentucky is within the Central Time Zone (GMT minus 6 hours)
What there is to do in Kentucky?

Kentucky, known as the “Bluegrass State,” is famed for its bourbon, horse racing, and rich cultural heritage. With rolling hills, historic landmarks, and a vibrant music scene, Kentucky offers visitors a taste of Southern charm and hospitality. Please refer to the ‘What Kentucky Is Best Known For’ section for more details.

When is the best time to visit Kentucky?

There is a generally mild climate year-round, yet with the beauty of four distinct seasons. Please refer to the ‘weather’ section.

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Kentucky bourbon, horses, festivals, farms and more things to do and see. You’ll find them all in the Bluegrass State – and right here on the Kentucky Tourism YouTube channel!


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Find Kentucky on the next generation training and trade engagement platform, Hablo.

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For training requests, email Viara Challier. Find additional Kentucky inspiration courtesy of Visit The USA.

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