Though occasionally overshadowed by fellow Baltic states Latvia and Estonia, to those in the know, Lithuania is considered one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Begin your adventure in the capital city of Vilnius, regarded by many as the ‘Rome of northern Europe’, where unusual architecture, baroque splendour and artistic flourishes mingle amongst the bars, restaurants and green spaces that have earned it such a beguiling reputation.

For the more discerning traveller, outside Vilnius you’ll such oddities as a Soviet sculpture park, a disused nuclear missile site-turned-museum and the Hill of Crosses, not to mention stunning hidden beaches along its bracing Curonian Spit coastline.

  • Pazaislis Monastery - Lithuania Travel/Andrius Aleksandravicius

  • Lake in the Trakai district - Lithuania Travel/Vaidas Geguzis

  • Raudone Castle - Lithuania Travel/Laimonas Ciunys

  • Trakai Castle, Lithuania Travel/Vaidas Geguzis

  • Landscape near Trakai - Lithuania Travel/Vaidas Geguzis

  • The Curonian Spit sand dunes and purple sky - Lithuania Travel/Andrius Aleksandravicius

  • Trakai Castle at night - Lithuania Travel/Laimonas Ciunys

  • Vilnius at night - Lithuania Travel/Laimonas Ciunys

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