Kimberley Region

One of our planet’s last great frontiers, Australia’s Kimberley region is 3 times the size of England, largely unpopulated and almost impenetrable by land. An area of red rock formations, verdant forests, river gorges and vertiginous waterfalls, Kimberley is an explorer’s dream and the best way to truly discover it is by a spectacular cruise up its remarkable coast. Discover Yampi Sound, bustling with wildlife on land, in the water and in the skies above from crocodiles to dolphins to sea eagles. At Raft Point take a hike through the boab trees to see ancient dreamtime rock art and at Hunter River witness the immense four tiers of Mitchell Falls. Ancient, unchanging, remote and remarkable. For a true once-in-a-lifetime experience join a cruise of the Kimberley coast.

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  • Morning walk along the Pinnacles in Kimberley region - Tourism Australia

  • The lost city of El Questro, East Kimberley - Tourism Australia

  • The Kimberley's Emma Gorge Cave, Western Australia - Sean Scott

  • Boat trip in Kimberley region - True North

  • Kununurra, the Kimberley Region - Tourism Australia

  • King George Falls, Kimberley region

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