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In Portugal’s luscious and rural north lies the ancient Douro Valley, carved over millennia by the stunning Douro River. One of Europe’s most important waterways, this river has fed a landscape of medieval villages, ancient farmsteads and expansive vineyards. The epicurean delights of the Douro region abound with delightfully fresh produce creating all manner of delicious dishes, and of course no visit is complete without indulging in some local wines. Join a river cruise and let the experts steer you through these culinary delights as well as historic cities like Spain’s Salamanca and Portugal’s coastal city of Porto. Visit the picturesque ruins of Castelo Rodrigo and the winery, chapel and manor of the Mateus Palace.

  • River Cruises on the Douro

  • Douro River Cruises

  • Douro River Cruises

  • Douro River Cruises

  • Douro River Cruises


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