A long, thin strip of land located on the south-west of the South American continent, Chile is a diverse and welcoming country which is made for adventurers to explore. Its unusual geography means that it is a land of contrasts. From the bone-dry northern city of Arica in the Atacama desert to the freezing glaciers of Tierra del Fuego, Chile’s diversity is best appreciated in the great outdoors, where you can also witness a diverse selection of native wildlife. Visitors to volcanic country can also enjoy some of the world’s best wineries, whilst the colourful city of Valparaiso in the more temperate centre of the country is an vibrant port city with an endearingly artistic streak.


What you’ll love most about Chile

  • Embark on an unforgettable journey through the otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert, where surreal salt flats, geysers, and lunar-like valleys create a mesmerizing and dramatic backdrop for adventure seekers and stargazers alike
  • Explore the majestic beauty of Torres del Paine National Park, where rugged peaks, pristine lakes, and sprawling glaciers invite hikers and nature enthusiasts to discover one of the most breathtaking wilderness areas in the world
  • Wander through the colorful streets of Valparaíso, where vibrant murals and eclectic architecture blend seamlessly, creating a bohemian atmosphere that’s as inspiring as it is captivating, offering endless opportunities for exploration and artistic discovery
  • Indulge in Chile’s world-renowned culinary scene, from fresh seafood and traditional empanadas to award-winning wines from the valleys of Casablanca and Maipo, tantalising your taste buds with a rich tapestry of flavours and aromas
  • Sail through the icy waters of the Chilean Fjords, where towering glaciers, hidden coves, and pristine fjords unfold before your eyes, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the raw beauty of Patagonia’s remote wilderness
  • Discover the enigmatic moai statues of Easter Island, where ancient mysteries and Polynesian culture converge, inviting visitors to explore archaeological sites, pristine beaches, and the fascinating history of this remote and isolated paradise

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