Grand Adventures in the Great American West


Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Great American West, a land where the echoes of untamed wilderness and storied history harmonise in a symphony of awe-inspiring landscapes. While the iconic Yellowstone National Park beckons with its geothermal wonders and pristine wilderness, the allure of this region extends far beyond its borders. From the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the sweeping prairies and rugged badlands, each state, from Wyoming to Montana, South Dakota to North Dakota, and Idaho, unveils its own unique tapestry of natural splendours, cultural treasures, and adventures waiting to be embraced.

​Discover The Best Holiday Options In The Great American West With These Recommended Trips

We’ve delved into the holiday offerings from a number of our favourite travel experts to find what we think are the best itineraries you can book to experience the marvels of the Great American West.

Grand prismatic geyser in Yellowstone

13-Day Minneapolis, Yellowstone & The Rockies

Tailor-Made Self-Drive
Packed with epic mountain peaks and glorious natural wonders, free-ranging wildlife, wide-open plains and orb-stretching big sky and wild west towns. This journey through the Midwest presents the perfect opportunity to discover extraordinary places and pleasantly surprise your senses.

Why we love this trip…
Spend time in the “Heart of America,” Sioux Falls and visit Mount Rushmore
Travel through Bighorn National Forest and follow in the footsteps of Buffalo Bill
Explore Yellowstone – home to eagles, grizzly and black bears, buffalo, elk and much more
Discover Glacier National Park and drive the famed “Going-to-the-Sun Road”
Marvel at the impressive landscapes of North Dakota’s rugged badlands
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From £1,175pp
Price includes 12 nights accommodation, 12 days car hire and personalised roadbook

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Bison in Badlands National Park - South Dakota Tourism

14-Day Legends & Landscapes of the Old West

Tailor-Made Self-Drive
Take this road less travelled trip to experience the beauty and history of America’s Wild West. See national parks, historic towns and spend the night in a ranch to enhance your experience of life on the frontier.

Why we love this trip…
Immerse yourself in ranch life in the foothills of the Big Horn mountain range
View the bison in Custer State Park
Spend the night in Badlands National Park for spectacular stargazing
Visit the gold rush town of Deadwood, where the legends of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane live on
Take the 36-mile scenic drive through Theodore Roosevelt National Park
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From £2,210pp
Price includes 13 nights accommodation, 14 days car hire and return flights

Operated by Trips Beyond

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Riverbend at sunset - North Dakota Tourism

9-Day National Parks & Native Trails of the Dakotas

Escorted Tour
Explore indigenous culture on a 9-Day National Parks and Native Trails of the Dakotas tour that introduces you to local people across four reservations. Learn the history of Native America and discover the future of tribal tourism.

Why we love this trip…
Enter the Badlands National Park and meet local artists at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
See the iconic mountain sculptures of Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial
Get an insider view of traditional tribal cultures from specialist local guides
Stay in Medora’s historic Rough Riders Hotel for an immersive experience of the old west
Witness bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
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Price available upon request via the link
Includes 8 nights accommodation, tours and sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary, dedicated Travel Director and professional driver and return flights

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Stanley Lake view in the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley - Idaho Tourism

19-Day Glaciers, Geysers and the Gem State Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Tailor-Made Self-Drive
Discover the beauty of the ‘gem’ state of Idaho where there is a natural wonder around every corner. See the iconic national parks of Grand Teton and Yellowstone, plus Montana’s jewel in its crown Glacier National Park on this memorable journey.

Why we love this trip…
Admire the vast landscapes of diverse forest and grasslands of the Sawtooth National Forest
Visit Craters of the Moon National Monument and Shoshone Falls
Explore Grand Teton National Park and take an aerial tram to the top of the mountains
Join a wolf tracking tour to see the majestic creatures in the wilds of Yellowstone
Keep an eye out for grizzly bears, elk, mountain goats and bighorn sheep in Glacier National Park
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From £2,720pp
Price includes 18 nights accommodation, 19 days car hire and return flights

Operated by American As You Like It

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Mount Rushmore - South Dakota Tourism

22-Day Best of the Great American West

Tailor-Made Self-Drive
Packed full of bucket list attractions and iconic sights, the Great American West states of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming are home to awe-inspiring scenery, abundant wildlife, legendary wild west history and Native American culture. If you’re looking for adventure this itinerary is just for you!

Why we love this trip…
Head to the western Black Hills and drive the incredible Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway
Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and and North Dakota’s badlands
Take a boat tour through the Gates of the Mountains, a dramatic stretch of the Missouri River
Follow the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway to the Nez Perce National Historic Park
Witness the geysers, hot springs and mud pots of Yellowstone National Park
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From £2,960pp
Price includes 21 nights accommodation, 22 days car hire and return flights

Operated by American As You Like It

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What to Experience in the Great American West

Explore the untamed landscapes, rich indigenous cultures, captivating national parks, and abundant wildlife of Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana for an immersive journey into the heart of the Great American West.

Alphonse Island - Blue Safari Seychelles

National Parks

The Great American West is graced with a collection of national parks that epitomise the region’s raw beauty and diverse ecosystems. In Wyoming, the iconic Yellowstone National Park stands as the world’s first national park, boasting geothermal wonders, dramatic canyons, and vibrant wildlife. While Grand Teton National Park boasts breathtaking mountain vistas, pristine alpine lakes, and diverse wildlife, offering an unparalleled natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts. South Dakota’s Badlands National Park showcases an otherworldly landscape of rugged rock formations and deep gorges, while North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park pays homage to the 26th President’s conservation legacy with its sweeping prairies and badlands. Meanwhile, Montana’s Glacier National Park captivates with its towering mountains, pristine forests, and shimmering glacial lakes, offering a glimpse into the untamed spirit of the region.

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Devils Tower at sunset - BD Busskohl Photography


The Great American West is adorned with a selection of monuments that pay homage to the region’s rich heritage and indomitable spirit. In Wyoming, the Devils Tower National Monument rises dramatically from the landscape, an iconic geological marvel held sacred by Native American tribes. South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore National Memorial showcases the carved faces of four U.S. presidents against the Black Hills backdrop, embodying the nation’s historical legacy. North Dakota’s Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site stands as a testament to the bustling fur trade era, while Idaho’s Craters of the Moon National Monument unveils an otherworldly expanse of lava fields and cinder cones, offering a glimpse into Earth’s tumultuous past. Montana’s Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument preserves the poignant history of the clash between Native American cultures and westward expansion, inviting reflection on the complexities of the region’s narrative.

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View of Beartooth Highway - Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development/Donnie Sexton

Scenic Drives

Embark on a journey of breathtaking vistas and open roads through the Great American West, where scenic drives weave through diverse landscapes that capture the essence of the region. Traverse the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana’s Glacier National Park, a high-altitude masterpiece that winds through alpine meadows and alongside glacial-carved peaks. Discover the rugged beauty of the Beartooth Highway, connecting Montana and Wyoming, as it ascends to dizzying heights and unveils panoramic views. In South Dakota, the Needles Highway leads you through unique rock formations and narrow tunnels in Custer State Park, showcasing the Black Hills’ natural wonders. North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers the enchanting Scenic Loop Drive, where badlands and wildlife converge in a harmonious dance. Meander along the Salmon River Scenic Byway in Idaho, tracing the water’s path through dramatic canyons and lush forests. This is just one of over 30 scenic byways in the state, which makes Idaho the dream fly-drive destination. Each drive embodies the spirit of the West, presenting a kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty that promises unforgettable memories at every turn.

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Horseback riding at Summer Star Ranch in Helena, Montana

Ranching Holidays

Embark on an authentic Western adventure with ranching holidays in the captivating landscapes of the Great American West. This region offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions of the ranching lifestyle. From spring through autumn, working ranches open their gates to visitors seeking an escape into the rugged spirit of the frontier. Engage in hands-on experiences like cattle drives, horseback riding, and learning the ropes of ranch operations. Embrace the camaraderie of cowboy culture around roaring campfires under starlit skies. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, ranching holidays offer a chance to connect with the land, the animals, and the heritage that defines this region. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and find solace in the untamed beauty, while experiencing a way of life that has shaped the American West for generations.

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Bison, Old Faithful - Yellowstone National Park


The landscapes of Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana are alive with an extraordinary array of wildlife, emblematic of the untamed spirit of the American West. In Wyoming, the iconic Yellowstone National Park is a haven for diverse species, including grizzly bears, wolves, and bison, offering a glimpse into the region’s primal past. South Dakota’s Badlands are home to bighorn sheep and pronghorns that have adapted to the rugged terrain, while North Dakota’s expansive grasslands shelter bison herds and elusive prairie dogs. In Idaho, the Selkirk Mountains provide a sanctuary for caribou and wolverines, and Montana’s Glacier National Park teems with mountain goats, elk, and the elusive grey wolf. These states are a testament to the fragile balance between human progress and the natural world, where efforts to conserve and protect these habitats resonate with the legacy of the Great American West.

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UTTC International powwow - North Dakota Tourism

Native American Culture

The Native American culture of the Great American West is woven deeply into the fabric of Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana, serving as a poignant reminder of the region’s rich heritage. In Wyoming, the Arapaho, Shoshone, and Northern Cheyenne tribes maintain their traditions through art, dance, and storytelling, celebrating a connection to the land that stretches back centuries. South Dakota’s Lakota Sioux tribes uphold their cultural legacy through vibrant powwows and ceremonies, while North Dakota’s Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation share their agricultural expertise and spiritual practices. Idaho’s Nez Perce Tribe preserves their profound relationship with nature, while Montana’s Blackfeet Nation offers insights into their history through oral traditions and artistic expressions. These Native American communities serve as guardians of ancestral wisdom, ensuring that the West’s indigenous heritage remains an integral part of the region’s identity.

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Admiring the view at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area - Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development/Bob Webster

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Exploring the Treasures of the Great American West: A Journey Through Five Enchanting States

Join us on an expedition through the heart of the Great American West as we uncover the finest attractions in each of its five captivating states – Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana.

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Your Adventure of a Lifetime is Waiting!

Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota…This is the Great American West – Where the Possibility for Adventure is Endless

Route of the Hiawatha, near Wallace - Idaho Tourism

Getting There

Getting to the Great American West is easy! International travellers can fly into Denver (DEN), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), Salt Lake City (SLC) or Seattle-Tacoma (SEA), and all offer great access to the Great American West. For ease there are lots of small local airports throughout the region where you can get connecting flights too.

Popular domestic airports in Idaho include: Boise and Idaho Falls.

Popular domestic airports in Montana include: Billings, Bozeman and Missoula.

Popular domestic airports in North Dakota include: Bismarck, Fargo and Minot.

Popular domestic airports in South Dakota include: Rapid City and Sioux Falls.

Popular domestic airports in Wyoming include: Jackson Hole and Casper.

Getting Around

The region is BIG. It stretches over 400,000 square miles (over one million square kilometres) but holds less than three million people. That works out to less than three people per square kilometre. Montana alone is roughly the size of Germany. In many areas, there is more wildlife than people and it stretches across three different time zones. This lends well to easy driving, whether you’re in a car, RV or motorcycle.

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Sunflower field - North Dakota Tourism

Visiting The Great American West Throughout The Year…

  • During spring, the Great American West experiences varied weather, transitioning from lingering winter chill to milder temperatures and blossoming landscapes, with occasional rain showers invigorating the region’s diverse states. In March, temperatures might range from around 0°C to 10°C, gradually warming up to around 5°C to 15°C in April, and then further increasing to approximately 10°C to 20°C in May
  • In summer, the Great American West basks in warm and sunny days, with arid conditions prevalent in each of the states, creating ideal conditions for outdoor adventures and exploration. Summer temperatures in the Great American West can vary widely. In June, temperatures might range from around 15°C to 25°C, increasing to approximately 20°C to 30°C in July, and then staying in the range of 25°C to 35°C in August
  • Autumn in the Great American West brings cooler temperatures, a vibrant tapestry of changing foliage, and crisp, clear days that showcase the picturesque beauty of the region. During the season, temperatures begin to cool down gradually. In September, you can expect temperatures ranging from around 10°C to 20°C, followed by a drop to about 5°C to 15°C in October, and further cooling to around 0°C to 10°C in November
  • Winter envelops the Great American West in a blanket of snow, creating a serene and frosty landscape across each of its states. Visitors can embrace both cosy indoor retreats and thrilling cold-weather activities at this time. Winter temperatures in the Great American West can be quite cold, especially in higher elevations. In December, temperatures might range from around -10°C to 5°C, with January seeing temperatures around -15°C to 0°C, and February experiencing temperatures of approximately -10°C to 5°C

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