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Gdansk. It’s Just A Short Hop Away

As the dynamic capital of the Pomorskie province, Gdańsk offers an enticing contrast of rich history and attractive modernity. Packed with cultural and leisure options, and together with Gdynia and Sopot, forming what’s known as the TriCity, this vibrant port city stands proudly beside the Baltic Sea, offering something for everyone and a fair few surprises as well. With an average flight time of 2 hours and 5 minutes from London, and 50 flights per week, Gdansk is just a short hop away…

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What do you want today? What do you expect from your travel destination? Love, youth, creativity, freedom, music, fun, passion? Or maybe monuments, culture, art and good food? For sure, you are looking for unique atmosphere. Have you ever been to Gdansk? There is everything you want!

Gdansk Highlights

Gdansk is widely believed to be one of Poland’s most beautiful cities, with its seaside charm and atmospheric Old Town district.

Dlugi Targ Square, Gdansk

The Royal Route

Dluga and Dlugi Targ Streets are also known as the Trakt Krolewski (the Royal Route) and rank among the most beautiful streets in Gdansk.

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Motlawa River at sunrise, Gdansk

Motlawa Riverside

On the Motlawa River waterfront stands the conspicuous Gdansk Crane – the biggest port crane in Medieval Europe.

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Famous Neptune Fountain, Gdansk

Neptune Fountain

The Neptune Fountain has stood in front of the Artus Court since 1633 and is seen as a symbol of Gdansk. Throw a coin into the fountain and tempt fate to lead you back to Gdansk.

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Sopot beach resort

Sopot Beach Resort

Sopot is a luxury seaside resort town, a venue for mass events and a trendy shopping area. Its most recognizable symbol is its pier. Jutting out 560 yards into the sea, it is the longest wooden pier in Europe.

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Your short break to Gdansk is affordable and within reach…

Two of the big draws with a city break to Gdansk is it’s proximity by plane to the UK  – Just a 2 hour flight away from London AND the low price to visit – from under £100 per person for a couple of nights staying in 3-star hotel accommodation with flights*. The price of an alcoholic beverage is approximately 30% cheaper than home with a restaurant meal a fraction of the price of dining in the UK. *Guide prices only

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Visiting Gdansk Throughout the Year…

  • During March temperatures can be below zero, days are short and there’s not so much sun. Weather in April is unstable and can alternate between sun and snow
  • In May plants and trees start to green and the day becomes longer. Days are warmer and warmer, and sometimes very sunny
  • June is perfect to visit Gdansk. It’s warm, days are the longest and the probability of the rain is low. The number of tourists is still quite low at this time
  • Many Polish people choose Gdansk as a holiday destination in the peak summer months of July and August. Head for the nearby beaches and enjoy the sea at this time of year with waters being between 18-19°C
  • September is a good time to visit – it’s no longer as crowded and the weather is quite good for sightseeing. You can feel that autumn is coming but it’s not so cold just yet. It’s the last chance to visit Gdansk because October is when the real autumn starts. November is usually avoidable as it gets dark rather early and the weather can be unpredictable
  • Gdansk rarely sees snow in December, but it tends to snow in January and February. The festive period is however a brilliant time to enjoy the Christmas markets